Privacy policy

Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection (2013.9.1.)

Tanase Therapy Room provides services of clinical therapy and counseling. These services are based on trusts between the provider of services and clients.

So we shall comply with the obligation stipulated by Personal Information Protection Law.

1. We shall handle personal information obtained properly and cautiously on the basis of the respect to the individual client.

2. Without prior consent of clients, we shall not use or handle personal information beyond the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of therapy and counseling.:

3. We shall not provide personal information to third parties except under those situations as follows:
・done under laws or regulations;
・necessary for protecting the life, body or property of any person and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the client.
・especially necessary for improving the public health or promoting the sound rearing of children and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the client and/or
・done for cooperation with State agencies or local governments or their delegates in their performance of any conduct under the law and such performance is expected to be hampered by obtaining the consent of the client.

TANASE Therapy Room
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