棚瀬一代At this therapy room, Kazuyo Tanase would like to take the role of bridging a marital dissonance caused by cultural difference between couples who chose an international marriage.

Though I am a native Japanese I have stayed in USA over 8 years altogether. So I can understand both the Japanese and Western way of thinking. Basically I would like to meet couples together.

However, if needed, I would meet couples separately.

In 1984-1985 I stayed in small town El Cerrito in Berkeley ,CA. At that time I had a chance to meet many divorced couples who chose joint custody as a divorce arrangement. I started to do intensive interviewing to find out the merits and demerits of joint custody for parents and their children.

Since that time on I have continued to follow divorce cases as a clinician and a family court mediator.

In a global society, more people choose mixed marriage. This phenomenon itself should be welcomed. However when marital difficulties rise, it is more difficult to solve many issues.

In Japan people still hesitate to seek help of mental health experts. I really recommend to overcome this hesitation and seek help of mental health experts to try to solve your marital problems before hurting your children deeply.

It would be my great pleasure if I could be a part of your struggle to reorganize your family.